Sunday, October 18, 2015

IoT Mobile Apps development using HTML 5 and Javascript

Recently, I came to know about an interesting framework called "Evothings" which makes developers life easy as to develop Mobile IoT applications just by using HTML 5 and JavaScript.
It helps developers to build  or connect with any bluetooth, BLE, Wifi , NFC devices just with little help of HTML 5 and Java script.
Evothings is a Sweden based startup and it is hyperload live mobile development feature is fantastic, it is makes developing and testing very easy. This framework comes with lot of working examples in connecting with different devices. And of-course it is open source apache 2 licensed framework.
It supports connectivity to many devices (working examples for each given)
To name few devices
Estimote beacons, Aurdino, Philips HUE light, Electric Imp, Rasberry pi,etc...

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